Top Ten Highlights of Janurary 2012

The kids haul of red packets for this year.

Where has January gone?  I can’t believe that the whole month has ended and I’ve yet to complete some task which I have schedules for this month!! It has been really busy with two new year celebrations back to back this month and couple withe the start of the new school year for the boys it has been quite hectic over here.

Here’s a round up of my favourite posts for this month.

  1. We started off the year bringing the kids to a new place- The Maritime Experimental Museum and Aquarium  It was a fun time for them as they were engaged in many hands-on activities as we browsed through the various exhibits on display there.
  2. We had a blast to the past into the Jurassic Age visiting the Dinosaur Live Exhibits over at the Science Centre. I had fun toying with the night vision function on my camera.
  3. I had a showcase of the items we usually have for dinner  which can be done up in 1hr, , 45 min or 1/2 hour.
  4. I mentioned about my Top 10 Task within my Job and how I really enjoy doing them. I’m sure you should know the reason why.
  5. I blogged about the reasons that made me a Happy Mommyand how I wouldn’t trade it for the corporate world.
  6. I showcased my latest bake – The Egg Tart in items that were made with love.
  7. There was some time spend reflecting on how my life has changed since having kids with – Top 10 Things which I Thought I will never do.
  8. I blogged about the process I’ve been having since starting lesson with My Littlest Student From drawing circles we are moving on to doing lines and will be trying out tracing books shortly.
  9. We had fun this Chinese New Year and I mentioned about 10 Things we did.
    The Lo Hei Yusheng we had for tossing to bring in Good luck and prosperity.
  10. On task to practice more with my camera5 I did some self-protraits for the P52 challenge.

What are your highlights for this month?


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