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Who am I?

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

Dominique Goh, the  Singapore based mummy behind Dominique’s Desk ,the twitter account @dominiquegoh, 

the Pinterest account- Dominique Goh

and the instagram account-Racheldominiquegoh

I’m  a Singaporean  ex- elementary  school teacher, professional blogger, ACTA trainer , Freelance Makeup Artist and  Single mother of  three. (two boys and a girl)

My interest includes blogging, cooking,baking and decorating cakes,  coaching, makeup and fashion,  freelance writing  and photography.

I graduated in 2000 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE) from the NIE/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Prior to that I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (1999) from the University of Melbourne.

I am constantly upgrading myself and make it a point to keep abreast with the latest methodology and teaching practices that are being promoted in the Education sector.

Obtaining my ACTA certification in 2016 and DACE in 2018 I’m a qualified curriculum developer and instructional designer.

I have always been passionate about kids, and coming from a family of educators, want to share and enrich the lives of my family, friends and readers as we journey together as parents.

Since becoming a mom I have looked for ways to connect with other parents. I have found the internet to be a great source of  information and inspiration which helped me in my parenting.

I am administrator of a few online facebook blogging groups, mentor in blogging and facilitate blog transfers from blogger to wordpress..

I have worked with many PR firms since the start of this blog back in 2007 connecting readers with amazing products and remain PR friendly with many local and international companies.

If you are a business or company and would like for me to host a giveaway and/or conduct product reviews here on Dominique’s Desk then please let me know!



I am mainly do paid advertorials and are opened to sponsored post  which items/services will are beneficial for myself and my family.  I have worked on campaigns with major brands since the start of this blog and have been running longstanding campaigns with several of them.

I have worked with major brands like Loreal (L’oreal White Perfect Laser ), Lifebuoy, Comfort , Drypers and Philips  among others.
My article on Bike Riding with Singapore Bike School has been written have been featured on  SGLinks a local daily magazine which highlights interesting posts from blogs from Singapore.



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The article Keeping Motivated Blogging on a Monday was featured on Parent society as one of the featured bloggers for the week of March 5th 2013.

My media kit can be provided upon request.

You can contact me via my Contact page.



Where did the name of the blog come from?

The 3 kids

The 3 Kids


My  inspiration for this blog comes from- My Desk in our study room at home.

This blog is an outlet for me to connect with others.

Dominique’s Desk focuses on:

  • Multilingual Parenting
  • Holistic Education
  • Activities/products for kids

Topics discussed are:

  • parental challenges
  • kids and parenting
  • how to enjoy time with your kids
  • taking care of yourself, kids
  • reviews and recommendations of products

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