P52- Week 4 {Self-Potrait}

I haven’t been taking many photos together with the kids. Most of the time it’s me behind the camera so it’s difficult for me to get a shot of myself using my cybershot. It’s hard to judge  the angle and distance that the  I need to put the camera away from me to take a shot.  I do not have an Iphone or a smart phone so it’s not that easy to take pretty shots of myself or myself with the kids without trial and error.

This is another main reason why it’s difficult to take self portraits. Tiger girl is mostly in the carrier when I bring the kids out and she loves “attacking” the camera when she gets the chance to do so. I really need an extra hand or another person if I  am to get nice shots of me and Tiger girl like the one below.


Have your taken any photos of yourself  with the kids  lately?

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