P52- Week 2 {Made with Love}

This week the theme for P52 is “made with love”. I’m not really into crafts so decided to focus on the dishes/bakes that I have done this week.

Cantonese Egg Tart. This is my first attempt making this snack. Doggie boy loves eating egg tart and he was simply thrilled to see the egg tart waiting for him to eat after school.  I still have to work on getting the right temperature for the bake as the custard didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to.

Breaded chicken with rice, vegetables and fishcake. This was my attempt in making a bento like arrangement for the boys. I used my cookie cutters to make the flowers and birds to add to their bowls.  They were happily gobbling down their flowers and birds and even asked for more flowers to be added to their bowls the next time for dinner.

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