Monday Listicles

Ten Shows That I Love Watching

Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV

Watching TV is a luxury for me. It is something that I do when the kids are in school and I have my me time. Sometimes when the kids are all in bed and  R is home we too snuggle up in front of the TV for a good show.

Here is a list of shows that I love watching.

The shows I watch with R

1. The Mentalist.

I love how witty Patrick Jane is and his use of unconventional methods to solve crime for the unit he is attached to as a consultant.

2. The Da Vinci Demons.

A mixture of Sci-Fi and horror this show is unlike the normal crime/love mix.

3.  NCIS

Another crime related series which I find more interesting then CSI.

When I’m having my me time  I get to watch these shows.

4. Discovery Channel

It’s interesting watching all the wonder and awesome creations that we have in the world.

5. We got Married ( A Korean Variety series)

Couples are paired up and it’s cute how they act on their ” honeymoon” and “wedding” . Watching the program has certainly given me ideas for our upcoming 13th wedding anniversary.

6.  Doctor Stranger ( A Korean Drama series)

Starring Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yun the story is about a outh Korean who was captured with his father and grows up in North Korea. He is trained to become a genius doctor, and though Park Hoon lands a job at the best South Korean hospital after defecting, he is treated as a foreigner. To find his lost North Korean first love, Song Jae Hee, he does anything to make money. It’s a real emotional show and certainly worth watching. 

7. You are all surrounded ( Another Korean Drama Series)

Starring Lee Seung Ji the show is about a bunch of rookie police officers and their experience  being  with the force.

8. Fall in Love with me ( A Taiwanese Drama Series)

A romance comedy starring Aaron Yan an advertising genius who is on a journey to rediscovering his passion.

The shows that I watch with the kid.

9. Jake and the Neverland Pirates

You can never have enough fun watching how the little pirates save the day from the awful captain Hook

10.  Sofia the First

Village girl turned princess overnight who can talk to animals with her special amulet. Tiger girl’s favourite show which I watch with her.

What shows do you like to watch?

Top 10 Highlights of April 2014

Tiger Girl and Me at Philips  Disney Nightlight Launch

Tiger Girl and Me at Philips Disney Nightlight Launch

April marks the start of Spring. The change of season where flowers start to bloom and animals come out of hibernation.

A white rose

A white rose

1) Roses and Cactus are both plants which have prickly thorns. One however is more long lasting then the other even though it may not be so eye catching at the first glance.

Yellow and Purple  Orchid

Yellow and Purple Orchid

2) If single color flowers are not captivating enough how about looking  at duo-color flowers instead.

Our Food Pyramid

Our Food Pyramid

3) Besides featuring flowers I also  talked about how our family has been embarking on our journey in healthy living.  In the quest of increasing our vitality levels I have altered our approach to what  we eat the amount of each food group which is consumed.  We haven’t been eating enough vegetables and have been taking in too much meats and dairies. All this has been altered now.

Doggie boy posing for the camera

Doggie boy posing for the camera

4) Dealing with a struggling learner hasn’t been easy as the traditional ways of teaching will not derive the desired results.  One needs a lot of patience and innovation to ensure that the child understands what is being taught.  There are many different steps  and constant revision needed for a concept to be understood completely.

Cheeky looking Tiger Girl

Cheeky looking Tiger Girl

5) Having a Strong Willed Child  has been a challenge for me. Dealing with her certainly keeps me on my toes as I have to constantly think of how to outsmart her.

Our new wedding bands

Our new wedding bands

6) We recently purchased new wedding bands after thirteen years.  It was a renewal of our wedding vows in lead up to our 13th Wedding anniversary next month.

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

7) Kids really say the darnest things. They do not have any self censorship and really speak what they feel. It can be quite embarrassing hearing the words from their mouths.

8) I managed to read two books this month. Vibrant Living  and  We’ll always have Paris. Travelling with the kids and living  a healthy life are topics which I am interested in.  I do hope in future I will be able to go on one on one trips with each kid.

Stone  Reptile

Stone Reptile

9) There has been quite a bit of Crocodile talk on the blog with my memories on how it was like in my primary school. Those were the days where it was quite common to have reptiles  in enclosures in school.

10) Tiger girl went for her first pajamas party  when we were invited to view Philips new range of Disney inspired nightlights.  She can’t wait to test out their new range and hopefully she be able to get the nightlight in her favourite Disney character.

How has your April been?