Top 10 Highlights of Feburary 2012


Lantern Dragon

It’s time again to recap on all the fun and excitement that has happened this Feburary. Even though it was a short month there has been a lot of action here.

1. Mummy and Daugther Walking together

I talked  about  how I needed to Keep up with the kids  and building up my energy levels and overall fitness. It will be getting more and more exhausting for me now that Tiger girl is more mobile and running around.

The lovely Sunset

2. I expressed what were my Top 10 Passions and you can clearly see that photography is certainly in my list together with my love for family and food.

Coffee cup

3. It had been a long time since I experience the cold and during our trip to Taiwan the temperature fell to a chilly 12 degree. Luckily we were able to have some tasty  drinks to warm keep us warm. I’m also glad that Tiger  girl did fall ill during or after the trip as she hasn’t been exposed to the cold before.

The main dragon attraction4. It was dragon galore at the Lukang Lantern Festival  as numerous lanterns were built specially to commemorate the Year of the Dragon.  I too many pictures of all the different lanterns there and not only the dragons were magnificent those built by the school children were equally captivating.

Daddy and his little girl
5. I made a love confession about the Top 10 Reasons why I love you  and will always do. I’m sure R was touched by this gesture.

Life Buoy

6. It’s great to have a lifebuoy around and I was certainly glad that R was in town and his office is not that far from home on my Most Memorable Day at Work.  I’m really hoping that it will never happen to me again as it would have been a real nightmare.

Robot Lantern

7. I took the plunge and tried out a meme which I have been seeing around on Buckeroomama’s Site. She participates in Scavanger Hunt  very regularly and I thought of giving it a try. However  I doubt that I will be able to take part as often as she does.

Chocolate cake with strawberries

It has been a month of love and showcases all my True loves and why they will always have a special place in my heart.

8. Manners and behaving properly is something which I always insist that the kids do. I was glad to  have been able to review the book – Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners which help to put the message of behaving  to my 5 yr old.

9. I  started having giveaways and sweepstakes on my blog to make it more enticing for my readers.

At present the giveaways that are still running till march are
$100 Paypal Giveaway

– Pourty Pot Giveaway

If you are interested there are sweepstakes which you can enter to win a Britax Car Seat or a Graco Bundle


10. We had the privilege to have 3 guest bloggers over here at Dominique’s Desk.

Clarrisa of June Bug Mom wrote on  Patience Parenting and how the birth of her child had changed her attitude towards parenting.
Tanya of A fruitful home wrote on 10 inexpensive ways to  add beauty to your home and Anna Mercado  wrote about Teaching Kids About Money- Where to Start and What to Do
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