Mom Challenge: Keeping up with the Kids

Doggie Boy and Me taken during our trip to Chinatown.

I have been taking pictures with the kids these weeks as  part of the  P52-  Self Potrait  photo challenge. I am a mom who is not afraid to get down to the kids level to understand what they are going through.  I will happily learn new skills and go all out to practice them if they will enhance my kids and family life.  As you see I’m into photography and learning how to capture the kids and their various happy/sad moments for the annual photobook.

This is how I am when we have functions to attend. I’m always the last one to get ready as I have to bathe/feed the 3 kids first before attending to myself. It has been exhausting and I’m finding that my energy reserves are rapidly being depleted everyday. They are really super active energizer bunnies which can go on and on from 7am-11.30pm without naps.  In order to up my energy levels I have joined this new weight loss challenge by Dustin which is based on a point system. I have to journal down what I eat and make special effort to exercise daily ( which I should be doing anyway).

On Day 1

Breakfast: Great Grains Cereal
Lunch: Noodles with Egg and a glass of water
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Rice with veg,breaded chicken.
Total points earned for the day:48 out of 105! I need to step up on the exercise thing but it has been difficult with the lack of sleep these few days as girl wakes 3 times a least and  leaving me suffering from insomia.

Have you embarked on a weight lost challenge before?

Any strategies on how to keep disciplined?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It