Top 10 Highlights of March 2012

March was a month which really flew by me. The one week school holidays which was the kids had really threw my scheduling out of the window. I guess that I have the whole of April to recover before the kids go on a 4 week break starting end of May.

March was a bumper month of posting for me as we ran 15 giveaways here on Dominique’s Desk. I guess when I start doing new things here I go all out for it.

Without further ado here is a recap on what was happening here on Dominique’s Desk.


  1. Monkey boy's cakeWe started off the  month celebrating Monkey boy’s 8th birthday at a Japanese restaurant. This year we are having a travel theme hence the Aeroplane cake.
  2. It was time for some confession and I talked about ten things which I am not good at. 
  3. My little tiger girlWe had a great time bringing the kids out to East Coast Park on the weekends.
  4. swinging funTiger girl had a blast on the swing at Pasir Ris Park while the boys went  bike riding .  She loves having the wind tussle her hair.
  5. Tiger girl started to self feed and is able to use kiddy utensils to feed herself during meal times now. It is less of a hassle for me as now I just need to monitor that she doesn’t make too big a mess during meal times.  She is also being schooled into becoming a multilingual toddler.
  6. I was alerted to the atrocities of the meat industries and learned about the junk in our beef.
  7. my 3 kidsI gave you ten reasons why you would want to be my kid. The 3 of them really have it GOOD.
  8. It is great being a woman  and I am sure many of you ladies will agree with me.
  9. We had two guest blogger on for  March who wrote about – Do you have each other’s back? and Learning Spanish
  10. Last of all I wrote about my love for tea and why it is my my chosen drink

What are your highlights for March?

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