Birthday Party Fun- Cookie Decorating

Cooking decoration

At the birthday party we attended on the weekend the boys got to try out decorating cookies. Both of them had a go and you can see their creations below.

Cookie DecorationThese were done by Monkey Boy

cookies by doggie boyDoggie boy’s creations.

You can see that Monkey boy is now much better in art and actually creates pictures with the icing given for decoration. I’m glad that we skipped the idea of sending the boys for any Art Enrichment classes as clearly it is not their most passionate area.

The rest of the time at the party the kids were glued on to the games on the IPADs which were brought along by the kids of the other party guest. I guess these mobile devices really work well as “temporary babysitters” while the adults spend time to catch up with each other.

What do your kids normally do at a birthday party?