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Writer’s Workshop: Just Sayin’

Doggie boy and Monkey boy sharing a glass of chocolate milk
Doggie boy and Monkey boy sharing a glass of chocolate milk

Since the last time I wrote about what the kids have been saying I have been collating all their interesting anecdotes which I’ll be sharing here.

As you know kids are blatantly honest  and they certainly don’t mince their words.  It can be both good and bad depending on how you perceive it.

Most of the time I encourage my kids to be honest even though feelings can be hurt and it may not seem that “socially acceptable” in certain circumstances. However as they are growing up and people are less forgiving of adults as compared to kids I am teaching them how to “read” the situation before giving their opinions.

A facebook status which I wrote a few week's back.
A  Facebook status which I wrote a few weeks back.

My #1 son is very outspoken and very willing to let other’s know his thoughts. I recently shared on my Facebook Page our experience at a trial that we went for an enrichment center.

If you can’t see what was posted here it is again.

Receiving positive affirmation from your child has to be one of the best satisfaction a parent can get. It certainly made my day when Monkey boy said no to an enrichment class as he was certain that I could teach him better then the center’s tutor. ‘My mummy knows how to make lessons interesting and you don’t” after we did a trial.


While we were on board of the plane to Hong Kong last month the stewardess asked him where his parent were as both boys were seated with each other  while the girl and I were seated in the row behind.

Monkey boy said” There  she is.. she’s seating behind us. My mummy is very capable you know. She can take care of all of us alone!!”

Doggie boy and me
Doggie boy and me

Even though the boys can be very endearing they can certainly drive you up the wall at times.

While  asking them to get ready for bed as it was getting late.

” Mummy. I’m doing something very very important okay. You just have to wait” said Doggie boy.

“What’s so important ?” I ask.

“It’s boys stuff okay.. Important!!.. wait!!”  Doggie boy says rather irritably.

Going over to look at what the “important” thing is I was annoyed to see him watching another  MineCraft video on you tube.

” Watching videos are so important is it? I asked him

” Yes!! Very important to me!!” he replied.

That is SOOO important to do as compared to getting ready for bed. Grrr!!! ( Seriously annoyed with this kid.)

Tiger girl at the window sill
Tiger girl at the window sill

” Come on..we have to go” I tell Tiger girl.

“No. I’m not done yet?” she replies

“We will be late!!” I say

” I’m not done yet!! Can’t you see I am admiring the scenery. You wait okay!!” she says looking smug.

* Can faint!!*

What are the darnest things that
your kids have said?

Any memorable moments?



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