Top 10 Things I’m Not Good At

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There are many things that I wish I am better in. However it’s no use just thinking about the things I’m not as good in or will never be good in. I rather focus on what I’m good in and hope to be good in.

Here’s a list of Things which I proudly state that I’m Not Good at.

  1. Quantitative Maths.
    This is the only subject in Uni which I had to re-take to pass it as I flunk it on my 1st attempt and it was a compulsory core unit.
  2. Art & Crafts
    I am really bad at this. Never fancied this subject when I was in school least teaching it while at school. I always cheated and used kits or bring the students for digital art sessions in the computer lab instead of doing any actual drawing or crafts with paper.
  3. Accounting
    I have difficult balancing the ledger and recording all transactions made. Luckily we do have an in house accountant who is a CPA, CIA and CFA to check the accounts.
  4. Maintaining a conversation
    I’m not really comfortable talking face to face with people. I’ll rather communicate through electronic means or online. I guess that talking too much daily in my profession makes me switch off during non work hours.
  5. Completing or playing video games.
    I give up halfway especially if the game like has more then 50 levels like World of Warcraft and requires group missions. I’m almost stopping all facebook games that I have on my account. It’s now down to 2 games which I hardly play anyway.  It gets boring after the 20th level or so.
  6. Making Money Online
    I’m still figuring our how people can make 4 figures or more online every month. It seems difficult enough trying to make 2 figures and dealing with online marketing.  I really need to learn how to make pitches to companies and market myself better.
  7. Talking on the phone
    I hate answering the phone. I rather send texts or e-mails if I need any information. You can hardly hear our telephone ringing in our home. Being a telemarker is a sure no-no for me and don’t expect me to entertain you if you are trying to sell me stuff. I would pass the phone over to the baby to “talk ” to you on the phone or you can play 101 questions with my two boys.
  8. Economics  and Politics
    I know that the two are related to a certain extend but seriously have no clue how it affects our environment and impact on our lives.
  9. Keeping the house spick and span
    I have resigned to the fact that our house will never be super neat due to the kids. It’s no point fussing over keeping everything in order as long as the floors and clothes are clean and that anything that I want can be found.
  10. Lose weight as planned
    This has been bugging me for more then a year. Even though the inches are down and there has already been significant weight lost – 24kg  but it’s still far from my target ( 6kg more to go to ideal). I keep on getting sidetracked in my exercise routine by the baby who refuses to nap and bugs me 24/7.

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