Top 10 Reasons I know I’m living in 2012

Tiger girl and me

It’s 2012 and time flashes pass faster then before. There are many things happening this year that weren’t happening last year.

Here are 10 reasons I know that I’m living in 2012.

  1. Your mom sends you birthday greetings via e-mail and Facebook and then texts you to ask you if you have checked your e-mail and Facebook status.
  2. You make appointments and chat with your friends more often on Whatssup then on MSN.
  3. You have a smartphone as there are no new models of phone which come with a keyboard nowadays.
  4. Kids are more interested in interactive games on the IPAD instead of traditional board games.
  5. Most transactions that you do are online and there is no real need to step into a bank or shop.
  6. Google is one of your best friends.
  7. You spend more time sending text messages then actually talking on a phone.
  8. Your toddler/kids are able to remember your hand phone number and all the telephone numbers of the immediate family as everyone has a hand phone.
  9. You use your blog to update friends and relatives about the kids rather then send letters and photos to them.
  10. You are working from home online instead of physically having to go to a workplace.


How do you know that you are in 2012?

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