Motivational Shot and Music this Monday

Photography Magazine

 My study partner in photography

This year I’m actively pursuing my dreams and passions. 2012. The year of change and getting things done!! If you have been following my blog I’m sure that you would know that I recently got my DSLR and am actively trying to improve my photography skills. Unfortunately where I live it is not easy to find good photography classes. The classes are few and expensive. Most of the time the timing of these classes are at night or at odd hours which will not fit into my children’s schedules.

No doubt there are online photography classes from  USA based websites but the time zone difference between Asia and the states makes it difficult to attend the real time Webinars. I pass on the idea trying to concentrate on learning with the kids distracting me in the background or having to wake up in the wee hours of the night just to sit at my PC to listen to the class.

I settled for the next best alternative, self- study and DIY. It’s really amazing how fantastic a picture can turn out if you have the right equipment and know how to optimize the settings properly. The correct angle/ lighting can help boost the attractiveness of the pictures taken. Photo editing does help but having a great RAW image really cuts down the work you need to do on the photography afterwards.

The photographs which I see in the magazine are my motivation. One day my pictures will be as goods as the ones I see or even better!!

Who is your study partner? Photobucket 

This week the theme is on  School days and I have chosen one of my favourite tunes from Sammi Cheung.