Motivational Art and Music on a Monday

Bicycle Rack

Last weekend while at East Coast Park for the kids annual sports day I chanced upon this really ingenious contraption- a bicycle rack. The display was near  the East Coast Village food court  and there were other wooden sculptures in the area but this was the only one which caught my eye.

The bikes are hung at an angle so their tires don’t remain on the sand while being parked at the bicycle rack. I know how difficult it can be to keep the tires clean and how  dust and dirt can screw up the cycling mechanism if the bike is not cleaned properly.There was even a pictorial instructional sign in front of the exhibit to explain how the bikes should be mount on the structure.

I really love how functional this piece of art is and that the inventor really managed to get his creation out from an idea in his head to something which everyone can enjoy.  It only shows that if one really works on ideas/dreams which they are passionate about the dream will come true.

What are your thoughts about this? Photobucket

Sharing one of my favourite songs from Tiger Girl’s birth year 201- SHERO by S.H.E