Ten Changes I want in our House

Messy House

I’m sure it is every mother’s dream to have a house that is (for the most part of the day) neat and tidy. However with 3 active kids in the house it is near to impossible for the house to look like a page out of a Home and Living magazine. Even for an hour the max!!

Here is a list ofย  ten changes which I would like to see in our house.

  1. The clothes getting cleared off the sofa after being folded and packed neatly into the drawers by the kids.
  2. The kids clearing up after themselves always without my 101 reminders.
  3. The pantry and fridge getting cleaned out on a regular basis.
  4. Everything remain where I put them and not mysteriously go missing or appearing in different places.
  5. Beds getting made each day after everyone wakes up.
  6. Ants and other creepy crawlies disappear forever and don’t ever turn up again.
  7. Everyone helping out in the de-cluttering of the house on a monthly basis.
  8. Toys being put away and not left on the floor.
  9. The boys being able to eat faster and stop stalling during meal times so we can get more things done after meals.
  10. The kids going to bed ON TIME!!

What changes do you want to see in your household?

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