Annual Sports Day Fun

Tiger girl in a relay


Last weekend Tiger girl and Doggie boy participated in their school’s annual sports day. It was Tiger girl’s fist time participating and Doggy boy’s last year to participate as he leaves for elementary school next year.

As it was her first time participating in a relay the teachers were on hand to guide her through every step of the relay.  R and I were cheering her on from the sidelines and she really enjoyed herself.

Tiger girl and her medal

Tiger girl’s group came in 2nd position and she was given a silver medal for her effort.

Doggie boy's event

Doggie boy had a more complicated relay to tackle as compared to the one Tiger girl had. He had to take a paper boat, run with it, blow it across a tray and then carry the paper boat over to the end basket and drop it in before running back again.

It was a great effort and he was really proud that his team came in first and they won a gold medal each.


It was great fun for both the kids and they came home with a medal each.