Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story by Gwyn Cready

Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story by Gwen Cready is one of the most romantic  time travel love story which I read that spans across 3 centuries.  Panna Kennedy, a widowed librarian at Andrew Carnegie Library faces another major battle after losing her husband two years ago. The library was  facing another budget cut and it was struggling to stay afloat. During one of her routine checks around the library Panna stumbled upon a secret door which was a time portal to eighteen century England.

Going through the door she found herself transported to the home of Colonel John Bridgewater who was being under house arrest for being suspected as a rebel. Their accidental meeting led to sparks flying on both sides and a extremely passionate adventure and whirlwind romance for Panna and Jamie. Scaling Hadrian’s Wall to a forbidding stone castle in Scotland the couple were running away from the English who thought Jamie was a spy. The couple braved the various dangers to be together. Against all odds they did managed to live happily ever after back in the future with their baby daughter.


My thoughts

I have always been intrigued by time travel stories and love how this one incorporates suspense, mystery and romance all in one. It was really thrilling to read how Panna traveled through time through the portal and the adventures that she had on the other side. The vivid descriptive language used by Cready made it easy for me to visual how it was for the lead characters and the intense passion they had for one another.

An extremely fast moving, full of fighting, kissing and time traveling had me reading it from page to page to get to the end of the story.

For all those who love paraonormal romance novel you should certainly pick up a copy of this book.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own

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