Beautiful Blue Eyes- A Children’s Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book for review purpose. The opinions in this review are 100%  my own and in no way influenced by the copy I received.

As a parent looking into the eyes of your newborn you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by emotions.  Seeing your child starring back at you through her eyes you feel the bond between a mother and her child.

Marianne wrote about her love for her child in this book.The pictures which she drew  help to draw out the feelings that a mother goes through while looking at the eyes of her child as she grows up. By looking into his/her eyes, she understands instantly how the child feels and the messages which they want to convey to her.

She summed up  her love in the following poem.

” I watched, and I waited

as your eyes chose their hue,

deciding in time

on their beautiful blue.

Blue as a butterfly

or the sparkling sea

Blue as the bluebird

who sings in her tree.”

As I read this book out to my kids I could feel the deep love of a mother for her child through her words and pictures. The boys found it rather easy reading as there weren’t many challenging words in the book. They liked the fact that the story was about how a mother cares for her child and were able to relate it to their own lives.
Beautiful Blue Eyes is written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond.
You can purchase your copy of this book via Amazon or from the local bookstores.