Scary School – A Book Review

Scary School by Derek the Ghost is one of the most entertaining kids storybook which I have read in a long time.  Derek , the eleven-year-old ghost introduces his school- SCARY SCHOOL with all the fun and interesting characters in it.

The book starts of by the introduction of  the new kid in school Charles Nukid and his hilarious first day at Scary School. As the story progresses the reader is slowly introduced  in the subsequent chapters to the vampire teachers, dinosaur librarians, and zombie classmates. The students in Scary School are a mixture of humans and monsters who have teachers who can’t wait to eat them or send them to their death.

Things in school start to get extra scary when the Scary School was selected for the annual Ghoul Games- a junior Olympic event between all the scary schools around. The winners of the self -selected sports get to eat the losers.  The human pupils at the school were facing a major disadvantage against the monsters however with careful planning and execution they prevented ending up as dinner for their opponents.

I love how the author cleverly weaves in snippets of information about things that were to happen in later chapters.  Like in the 1st chapter Derek mentioned “I know things seem hopeless for Charles, but in Chapter Six you’ll see how he manages a very lucky
escape!” It really draws me into the story and increases my anticipation to know what will be happening to Charles  later on in the book.  The author really knows how to hook the reader.

The fun and quirky illustrations also captured my attention and made it easier to visualize the happenings around and inside Scary School.

Even though the book is recommended for 8-12 years old I sat down with Monkey Boy to read through the opening chapters of this book.  Being a typical 7yr old, I wanted to know first hand if he liked the book as it was in a different genre from the ones that he  normally reads.

He enjoyed reading about the funny names  like Mr Spider Eyes and Dr. Dragonbreath and mentioned that how cool it would be if he too had the chance to have a dragon or a vampire as a teacher. He didn’t have much difficulty reading the book and enjoyed the story. He was laughing hard while reading about the various antics  the  teachers  carried out to while “dealing” with the students.

I’ll definitely recommend this book to any parent seeking for a fun and interesting read for their child.

Disclaimer : I received a copy of this book for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own.