Twisted Tales- A Book Review

Twister Tales is one of the books in the Phonics Comics series of books by Innovative Kids. Classic fariy tales are told in a hilariously twisted style. Alternative endings and explainations to popular tales are mentioned in this book.

In this book the fables- Hansel and Gretel,  Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Billy Goats were retold.

Did you know that

The old women who lived in the house made of candy wasn’t actually  a witch?

The Big Bad Wolf was not actually the bad guy but the babysitter instead!!

There was no troll but a toll collector at the bridge.  

The colourful comics and catchy captions made it a very easy read. The students in my class enjoyed the story as I read it out to them during one of the storytelling sessions we had. They listened attentively to the whole story ( which is quite unusual for a class of very hyperactive kids).

I highly recommend this series of books for young readers to introduce them to the concept of alterntative endings.