Clifford Phonic Fun Reading Program Review

Clifford the Big Red Dog is one of Roy’s  favourite storybook characters.  It is sold by Scholastic and comes in a cute little carrier. This set of 12 short books is currently part of Roy’s  bedtime reading routine.

The progressive reader set brings your through the various adventures that Clifford has gone on with his friend and owner Emily Elizabeth. At the start of each reader there is a note from Emily introducing the various vowels sounds that will be addressed in the readers . New vocabulary that will be introduced is also highlighted.

I like the fact that the reader (parent or child) is introduced to the phonetic vowels and words at the start of the book before reading the story. In most other books that I have come across this information is normally at the back of the book and most of the time it’s importance is sidelined by the story.

With the phonic words like to sound “oo” highlighted at the start of the book coupled with words that incorporate the “oo” sound. There are also words  like  “book”, ” foot”  and ” cooked”  for you to read out to emphasis the “oo” sound. This will help your child recognise the “oo” sound when he hears it within the story.

The font  in the books are rather big and easy to read for young kids. The colourful  illustrations also make reading the book more interesting for these young readers.

Each story book only takes about five minutes to complete which is just the right length for Roy’s current attention span.

I definitely recommend this set of readers if you are in the market for purchasing phonic readers for your child.

Disclaimer: I bought this set of readers off a Scholastic Booklist that was circulated at work last year.  I am in no  way compensated by the company for reviewing this product.

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