ABC Reading Eggs- A Review

Last two weeks a friend of mine introduced me to Reading Eggs. This website had a free trial and I signed both the boys up to try.

What is Reading Eggs?

ABC Reading Eggs is an online reading problem which is catered to different reading abilities. There is an online assessment given to the child before they are set on the right reading grade.

In each level you will get to complete a maze where eggs can be earned from the activities completed.  There are games , songs and reading of mini story books in each mini level. At each stage there are certain key words ie : Play , Face etc which are emphasized which the child is made to identify.

What the boys enjoyed about the online game?

Roy enjoyed playing the various games- matching, selecting the chosen words and connecting the words to form the word given.  The boys also like playing the interim games which pop up when the different activities are loading up in the background.

Loading time was short and there were a wide variety of games in the playground for them to play with as a “bonus” after they have completed each level. Roy loved the bowling activity while Ryan tried all the other games using up the remainder of the eggs which they collected.

What the boys didn’t like?

Most of the activities had to be repeated 3 times before they were allowed to go onto the next activity. Roy was rather put off having to repeat the activities and lost interest after having to do it twice.  After some time he only completed the activity once and passed me the mouse to repeat the activity twice so he could quickly move onto the next activity.

ABC Reading Eggs is an interesting program to get young kids interested in reading. It is worth a trial to see if the program is suitable for your child.

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