The Red Cat- A Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book for review purpose. The opinions in this review are entirely my own and in no way influenced by the copy I received.

The Red  Cat is a short storybook written by Nancy Fabian for  younger readers. The author, Nancy, herself had  personally experience being mocked and alienated from other kids for being ” different” due to her suffering from Moebius Syndrome.

In this story, the main character, Mindy enlists the help of the teacher to get the students to do during the art lesson a simple portrait of themselves using a red crayon.  The students come up with various drawings and all were posted on the board for everyone to view. Even though all the drawings were in red they were different and unique. It shows that even though they were in the same colour ( red), the drawings each portrayed the individuality of the artist.

The storyline is very meaningful as it talk about accepting others with disability. It  also shows how Mindy copes with her disability and it is okay to be different and not everyone needs to be the same.

The illustrations that accompanied the story are simple and clear. However, I personally do not find them very eye catching as the drawings are rather 2-Dimensional and the shades used seem rather muted. A more vibrant colour combination would make the book more appealing to youngsters as they are normally attracted by bright colours.

Do check out  The Red  Cat . It makes a good story to introduce under  Civics and Moral Education

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