Writer’s Workshop: Symbolic Leaves

Last week while at the Annual Sports Day I took the chance to snap a picture of the fallen leaves which had accumulated  on top of the grills of a gutter. Most of the leaves had dried up and started to shrivel.

Looking at the  autumn coloured leaves reminded me about how fast time passes by us.  From a being a green leaf producing food for the plant to being all withered and falling of the plant once it’s  ability to make food has cease a lot of changes have occurred to the leaf. During the short span that it was part of the plant it helped to collect sunlight and convert it into sugars which were transported to the various parts of the plants.

I see the role of the parent like a leaf. We provide the nourishment that our kids need to grow and survive.  We aid in their growth and development until the day that we like a fallen leaf leave our children and they have to totally depend on themselves for survival.

Hopefully before we leave this earth we are able to see that our kids have the wings that they need to fly and are living meaningful lives.


What  do you hope to be able to witness in your child’s life?

Are you the leaves in their life?


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It