Writer’s Workshop: Seeking Inspiration

A pink bloom
A pink bloom captured with my DSLR while on vacation in Penang, Malaysia


Something that we seek.

A spark which triggers off a series of emotion.

Something that mentally stimulates us .

It makes us want to take action.

A catalyst which motivates change for the better.

A shove for you to make the first step.

Starting a new challenge or a  new chapter in your life.

Like a pink bloom on the end of a stalk,

It brings with it promise of the future.

The possibility of something that will be.

A vision which can be a reality.




Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It


19 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Seeking Inspiration”

    1. Psychologist in interpreting one’s personality may sometime assign it to a color for every color has its own meaning and relation to one’s life, attitude, among others. And I understand that pink may represent not only a love, hope but something that inspires and gives inspiration to everyone. (2nd comments of 2 – Gil Camporazo)

  1. I get inspired to see the beauty and the truth around me. I love mingling with my nephews and niece who are so pure in their thoughts and actions. Happy weekend, Dominique!

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