Top Ten Highlights of October

Tiger girl down the slide.
It’s November soon and in a month’s time we will be celebrating Christmas. October was  another fun month for the kids.

Playing with balls

#1. They visited Pollywogs a 2nd time and had Balls of Fun playing at that indoor playground  with their friends. The kids love playing in indoor playgrounds but we don’t bring them that often as it can be very costly play at more then $50 each session for  2hrs for  the three of them.

Tiger girl at the pool#2. We started bringing Tiger girl to the pool as she loves playing with water. Every weekend she would request that we bring her swimming together with her brothers.


#3. I saw some lovely yellow blooms while at the Changi airport. I didn’t know that there was a Sunflower garden there as I seldom spent time mingling around in the departure areas before our flight out of Singapore.

purple bloom

#4 Besides yellow sunflowers I also saw some beautiful pink and purple orchids at the airport. I love the fact that I’m living in a garden city with lots of flora around.


#5 Greenery is also abundant here as we live in a tropical country. It’s hot and humid all year round in Singapore.

noodles with carrot

#6-  Monkey boy is finally entering the kitchen and learning how to cook.  The first meal he cooked was soba noodles with boiled carrot. I will be teaching him more different dishes which he can cook in time to come.

Secret Garden

#7 I wished for a secret garden. A place where I can indulge in my fantasy. My own special corner where I can be free of worries and indulge in my passions. Do you wish for this too?

tiger girl#8- Tiger girl is adapting very well in school. She looks forward to going to school and loves singing the songs that her teacher has taught her. She is now moving onto four syllable words and expanding her vocabulary tremendously.

#9- I read a very interesting self help book over one weekend. Design your own Destiny . It really got me thinking about how I would like my life to be from this point in time and re-look my goals and plan towards achieving it.


#10 Strawberries are in season now and the kids love when I buy it for them to eat. I’m glad that 2 out of 3 of the kids love eating fruits. Now if only I can get Monkey boy to take more fruits.

What are your highlights of October?


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