Balls of Fun at Pollywogs


Last weekend we were invited to Pollywogs at Robinson Walk. It was the 2nd time that the kids were at the indoor playground and they were extremely excited as they had a blast the last time they were there.

rock wall

There was a really cool rock wall within the play structure but the kids all gave it a miss as it was not as high and interesting to them as compared to the rock climbing schools they had been to.

the boys

The boys headed straight for the air gun and had lots of fun shooting at each other.

Tiger girl on the slide

Tiger girl went to her favourite place in the playground- the slide.

Tiger girl and DAddy

R spend time going through the playscape with his princess. I on the other hand was busy snapping pictures of the kids while they were at play. However after finding it quite hard to snap pictures as they were running all over the place I decided to chill out in their waiting area instead.

the waiting area

It’s cool to sit there for a drink and some fries while the kids and their dad have fun together.

Have you brought your kids to any indoor playground lately?