Writer’s Workshop: The Irritating Balls


Thud!! Thud!! Thud!! and it rolls all over the floor. Ending up in the nooks and crannies around the house. If you are not careful and step on one be prepare to do the split in a second. This  sometimes solid or hollow sphere like object sends shivers down my spine when it appears in my living room.

I seriously don’t see what is so fascinating about them. The boys love throwing them and seeing them and bouncing off ground. I’m very fearful when they take out their balls to play as I do not wish  to hear a “crash” or “clack” if the ball hits and breaks the TV or the glass PC monitor. The potential damage which this little object could cause makes me insist that the boys take their balls to the room and only play within those four walls. What is it with guys and balls?

Do your kids love playing with balls too?

How do you make the play in their room and not mess up the house?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It