Writer’s Workshop: Come Play with Me

hello kitty

There is something about the little cat with no mouth that intrigues me.  The little kitty all the way from Japan- Hello Kitty.  I have always had a soft spot for it and have loved it since I was a young girl.  Since Tiger girl came into our lives I have been keen to share my love for Hello Kitty with her.


Tiger girl playing

This week I bought her her first  doll house. A  Hello Kitty Mushroom shaped doll house.  It had a handle on top so it is easy for her to carry around and place back on her  toy cupboard after play.   Tiger girl was extremely happy when she saw the doll house waiting for her at home after I fetched her from school. She couldn’t wait to tear open the package when she saw that it was of her favourite character. She  screamed “Hello Kitty!!Mummy open for me please!!” when she saw her new toy.

playing house

Anyone want to come over and play house?

Do you like Hello Kitty also?

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