My Top 10 Highlights of September

Tiger girl and me
September was another busy month for me. My little girl turned 2 yrs old. Time really passed by very fast. It seemed like only yesterday that we brought her back from the hospital as a newborn. This year she requested for a Pororo cake and I decided to add on her other favourite characters – Angry bird and Hello Kitty too.

Tiger girl

1. My little girl is not quite a baby now. She is able to do most things independently and readily tells you what she likes and dislikes. It is not easy to persuade her once she has her mind made up. Her smile is infectious and certainly lights up my day when I see her.

the kids and me

2. The kids had a swinging good time during the weekend as we brought them to various different parks and playgrounds. They love going on the swings that we came across and this was a real gem finding an old fashion metal swing at the back of tea time joint.

Tiger girl on the slide

3. Besides the swing the second best thing to be on in the playground is the slide. The kids love the slide and it does help that there are many playgrounds with slides near our house.

the kids and lantern

4. We celebrated Mid Autumn Festival on the 30th of September. This year we didn’t buy any lanterns for the kids as they were not interested in carrying lanterns out for a walk. We did eat mooncake and drink tea together though.

the boys

5. The boys had lots of fun playing with their NERF guns. They even had a playdate at Monkey boy’s friends house with the guns.

Tiger girl and me

6. It was a month of first for Tiger girl as she took part in her first sports day and was glad to have won a medal. Doggie boy too was really happy as he won a gold medal this year in his event.
Tiger girl

7. September was a month of reflecting as I shared how as a parent we should be there for our kids to lean on. We are their rock and support and it is important for us to be there when our kids need us. We should also teach them right.

wedding photo 2001

8. Being in a really sentimental mood I blogged about 10 things which I loved about our wedding and how R is my perfect choice.

9.There are many reasons behind why moms blog and I shared my reason why I started this blog. I also explained how I was hanging on despite the obstacles that I am facing.

10. I read this wonderful book – An Alphabet book which really was a great fun raising idea for the foundation it was supporting. I’m tempted to do a similar book with the boys as a memento which they can treasure.

How was your September like?

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