Looking at the Basics on a Monday

black and white

Looking at the photograph above at first glance you would note that the focus is on the palm tree in the middle of the photo.

I’ve been playing around a lot with my new toy Romeo my DSLR.  Trying out the various functions on the camera and seeing how best to edit the photo after it has been captured. For this shot I had decided to remove the color and focus on the basics to look at the core of what I wanted to focus on.

I feel that this is the approach that I should take with my life too. Many a times we are distracted by the colourful fanfare that is happening around us that we may loose focus or get sidetracked in the process. It is important for me to constantly remind myself what my  original focus is and to flush aside all the other thoughts/ideas that come wandering into my mind so that I can fully concentrate. To focus on what is of the utmost importance to me so that I will be able to get that task dealt with immediately. Only with that out of the way will I be able to concentrate on the other side interest/activities which I have to attend to.

Do you feel the same way too?

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This week I am sharing music by Jolin Tsai. She is one of the top female pop artist in Taiwan.