Ten Ways how she Makes Me Smile

Tiger girl

My little girl turns two this week. Time really passes very fast and she has matured a lot since we celebrated her 1st birthday last year. I’m really grateful to have her in our lives as she has brought lots of joy and sweet memories.


Here are 10 ways how she makes me smile.

  1. She runs to  hug me and calls out mummy each time she sees me when I fetch her from school.
  2. She shows joy in the simple things and says “thank you” to show her appreciation.
  3. She helps to keep the clothes and her things neatly without asking.
  4. She can play together with her brothers without fighting with them.
  5. She  has an infectious laugh and perks up your day with her innocent laughter.
  6. She shows her concern for her brothers by helping them in her little ways.
  7. She loves to keep in contact with her grandparents and gives them joy by calling and talking to  them on the phone or Skype almost daily.
  8. She loves to make funny faces and make me laugh.
  9. She  is diligent and tried her best to learn what is taught to her.
  10. She is eager to learn and able to follow instructions given.

How does your child make you smile?

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