Top Ten Ways to Spend $1000

My family

There are many ways which I can spend a $1000. It is really easy to spend that amount and I will certainly not hesitate spending it on any of my family members.

However as I do not want the kids to get the wrong idea and start thinking that it is really easy to earn money I will try to stretch the $1000 as much as I can.

  1. Bring the whole family on a short holiday across the causeway to Malaysia. $1000 is not enough for taking the family overseas. $10K is more like it for a week in HK or Taiwan.
  2. Purchase new clothes for everyone.
  3. Pay for 2.5 months of petrol for the car.
  4. Buy myself a fancy camera bag  and another lens for my impending new DSLR/Micro DSLR.
  5. Bring the kids on a staycation here in Singapore.
  6. Fancy toys for everyone.
  7. Have a fancy dinner with R in a top notch restaurant and rental of a racing car to cruise along in.
  8. Purchase 3 months supply or royal honey which the kids love to drink.
  9. Get a new smartphone for R.
  10. Divide the amount into 3 and place them into the kids saving accounts.

What would you do with $1000?

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