Why Moms Blog- My Personal Take

Blogging  is something which I am passionate about . It’s not only  not simply documenting the milestones of  my children’s growth in words and pictures to share with friends and family.  It really is much more. I wrote a short piece of   Why I Blog in March however here in this post I will be focusing more in detail about my love for blogging.

It is my personal portal where I can connect to other mothers online and journey together through this journey of motherhood.  My space where I can also  showcase my photography, bakes and writing besides focusing on  the kids and parenting.

Through blogging I have made friends with many other mothers both locally and internationally. We have forged friendships which have lasted years and am still going strong. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of my blogger friends in real life and we have shared many different experiences and tips as mothers. Our kids too have forge friendships with each other and have great fun being each others playmates when we meet up on play dates.

Tiger girl and me

Dominique’s Desk is an evolving space where I pen down my thought together with the photographs which I have taken. Looking back at the first few entries in this blog back in 2007 when Monkey boy was still a toddler so much has evolved through then.  He looked so cute in the videos of his school annual concert and reading about  what he used to do back then does bring back lots of lovely memories.

From a mom of one to a mom of three my life and experiences all documented in words/pictures and videos as mementos to share with the kids and family. I blog to motivate myself to do the best for myself and my family and I hope that I’ll be able to inspire other mothers to do likewise. I keep myself accountable by revising my monthly goals and working towards keeping my resolutions set for the year.

It’s not just for the kids but also for documenting how marriage and kids have enriched R’s and my life. Even though I do not write as much about him as I do about the kids he does know that I try to keep him updated about the family as he travels very frequently for business.

Blogging has let me be able to stay home with the kids while at the same time generate revenue to supplement the family income. It has given me the flexibility  to be able to handle the needs of my family  while being a WAHM. R is able to concentrate  on his career as he knows that I am there to take care of the family and handle everything on the home front while he brings in the bacon.

I am blessed to have the best of both worlds and really grateful to what blogging has been able to do for me and my family.

Why do you blog?





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