Behind the Scenes on Dominique’s Desk

Our normal working arrangement

Our normal working arrangement

I’m sure you have been curious and interested to know where and how I blog  despite my busy schedule with the kids.  Before I start on sharing my blogging process with you here is some information about  the blogger who introduced me to this Writing Process Blog hop.


Summer and family

Summer and family

Summer of A Happy Mum introduced me to the Writing Process Blog Hop.

A busy mom to two lovely girls Angel and Ariel.

I got to know her back in 2012 via SMB and had the chance to work together with her on a few blogging campaigns.


You can read about Summer’s entry here on her writing process.

Blogging has really widen my circle of mummy friends and brought about both online and offline friendships.  It has allowed me to expand on my love for writing and share my thoughts and experiences with both family and friends.

It has also allowed the kids and me to gain many different experiences through the events we attend , products that we review and the friends that we have made through this blog.

Dominique’s Desk has also opened up many different avenues for me and allowed me to be able to add to the family income while being at home for the kids.

Blogging, as most work in our house, takes place at the biggest table in our house- the dining table.

Here is the place  where I churn out my blog post while simultaneously monitoring the boys as they do their homework/ revision.   Everyone works around the dining table as it is easier for me to monitor all at once.

My blogging schedule

My blogging schedule

A) What am I working on?

June is an extremely busy month for me as the kids are on holiday. This month we have been abroad an on holiday to HongKong & China. I’ll  have yet to share  all the adventures we had that week and am still in the process about writing out my holiday posts.

So far I’ve written two posts- Tips on flying solo with kids and the Blooms we saw at Hong Kong’s Wetland Park. I’ll be sharing  our experience at Chimelong Resort park under the big tent and the water park in upcoming posts.

I have a few book reviews to cover on topics which of current interest to me like – detoxing, understanding teenagers and crafts for kids.

I will be concluding my existing series on Parenting with Less Stress and start up a new one on relationships besides slotting in the reviews of the products which I currently have on hand.

B) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

There are tons of parenting blogs around and in Singapore itself there are a few hundreds that I know of. What makes my blog different is that it has both a wide international audience  and a local following.

There are many of the items/topics featured here on Dominique’s Desk are unique to the blog as it is based on my own interests in  parenting, photography and education.

C ) Why Do I Write?

I believe in blogging about what I am passionate about and share my personal experiences in the different situations which I have encountered.

It is a way for me to jot down the memories that I have and share with the kids and the rest of the family and friends.

I treasure all the opportunities that have come my way via blogging and how blessed we are for the generous sponsors that we have.

The products and services that I have been able to try out have really benefited the kids and me and made it easier for me in creating a conducive learning environment for them. 

D. How does my writing process work? 

It can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a few weeks to get a post drafted. It depends on my energy level and the amount of distractions that I have to deal with at that particular moment.

This particular post which you are currently reading took me about three hours to write as I had to deal with supervising the kids doing their Chinese homework, cooking and settling dinner and putting the kids to bed.

It’s not really that difficult for me to come up with the words to write and select the picture as I already have what I want to write in the post sketched out in my mind. If there wasn’t any interruptions to deal with I could get it out within an hour and that includes spell check and proof reading.

I guess being a writer/editor and also having the ability to speed read and type helps a lot.  Having a vested interest in photography also makes it easy for me to have relevant photographs on hand. Each time we travel I take thousands of shots which can l slowly showcase on the blog.  Sometimes the same photograph can be re-used depending on the angle that I have in mind for the post.

Tiger girl on a slide

Tiger girl on a slide

The kids are my priority and when they are around blogging takes a backseat or is scheduled to be performed in bits and pieces in the spare minutes that I have while monitoring/teaching them at home.

I’ve cut down the time that I am spending on blogging and am blogging lesser then I used to now that the kids are getting older and demanding more of my time.

It is all about blogging SMART and so far I’ve managed to achieve this balance through having a blogging calendar and schedule which I follow.  I also schedule my post if possible and it frees up my time to do social media promotions and other online activities which need my attention.

How do you blog and juggle all your other commitments?







Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income [3rd Edition]

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett is a extremely comprehensive book about blogging. In the 13 chapters the authors bring you step by step through the development of a blog,  focusing on the how to develop your own unique voice and  monitoring your blog among other topics which are being covered.

Using pictorial examples from their own blogs and based on their own experiences when they started out as bloggers Darren and Chris share how they made their way to becoming a professional blogger earning 6 figures a year.  There are many examples given in the book on how you can diversify your potential of earning through your blog.

They mentioned placements of ads, advertorials, sponsored content, speaking engagements and consultations are some of the ways you can create different steams of income. The pros and cons of each method is also covered in detail. There are also many case studies which are used for reference and they help to give a realistic picture of how the blogging environment is for aspiring bloggers.

One can op to go for  fast ways of earning through flipping of blogs or building up a steady source of  passive income through creating e-books and online courses.  Not all methods may be suitable for your blog or niche and you will have to choose carefully which path you intend to pursue once you start to earn revenue from your blog.

My thoughts

I have been a fan of Dareen Rowse and Chris Garrett and have been following  their blogs ever since I was introduced to it 10 years back. I have learned a lot from these two professional bloggers. Even though I have been implementing many of the tips that were already mentioned in the book there were certain parts of the books which were still very relevant to me.

I love how each chapter is broken down into chunks an injected with visuals and tips. It makes the book easy to read and digest the information being taught.  The little exercises at towards the end of the chapter really get one thinking about the direction that one wants for the blog and the actions which they should take.

The chapter on taking your blog to the next level and going beyond your blog really taught me how I should go onwards in development of this blog. I too hope one day to be able to earn a 5 or even a 6-figure income from this blog.

I certainly recommend this book to any aspiring blogger or existing bloggers who want to take it up a notch.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own. This post has a Compensation Level of 3. Please visit Dominique’s Disclosure page for more information.