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Weekend Reflections: Looking at January(Random Thoughts)

 Weekend Reflections: Looking at January(Random Thoughts)

Trees in Winter

As we enter Feburary I can’t help but think back on how the past month had gone by.  Even though I do a Highlights of the past month every month I feel that I should resume my assessment of whether I have met the goals and targets set for that particular month.

Accountability is something that has to constantly worked on. I know that sometimes it can be really hard to be discipline and see through on what has been planned. Sometimes you really feel like cutting yourself some slack and not complete what was written on the To-Do List.  However once you start to procrastinate you are just setting up yourself for failure in completed set goals. I am still struggling in this area and really do need more discipline in getting regular exercise in order to meet my weight lost goals for the year.

The world around us has really changed a lot the past year and there are more and more reports of  harmful chemicals in various foods. Nothing seems to be save to eat nowadays and it is not just products/ foods that are made in China.  Many unscrupulous businessmen have been adding various industrial chemicals into our foods as they want to increase their profit margins. They disregard the safety of foods and we the  consumers have been unknowingly digesting this toxins into our system killing ourselves slowly.

As end consumers  it is our responsibility to be well informed about the origins of the food that we consume and keep updated with the latest findings in the world so that we get the best foods for our kids.

weekendreflection Weekend Reflections: Looking at January(Random Thoughts)

Weekend Reflection: Ushering in the Year of the Horse

IMAG2220 Weekend Reflection: Ushering in the Year of the Horse

CNY greetings

This weekend we have been busy ushering in the Year of The Horse. It has been quite a quiet new year as many of our relatives are staying overseas or travelling during this period.  This year we had steamboat for Reunion dinner at grandma’s house. The kids had pineapple fried rice while the adults ate steamboat. It was the first time that we had dinner at grandma’s place. The past few years we have been having reunion dinner at my mum’s house or my place and haven’t been eating any traditional Chinese New Year dishes.

I personally feel that the dishes and goodies served during Chinese New Year are too rich to eat. A lot of them are extremely highly laden with calories. It is not necessary to indulge in such foods and have to spend the remaining months of the year trying to lose the extra kilos that one have gains due to the festive season. This year I have decided to do away with Chinese New Year cookies and we didn’t have any of them at home.

Chinese New Year is the best time to meet up with friends and relatives. The kids have some fun playing with their cousins. They visited five different playgrounds in the area and spent nearly 3 hours playing outdoors. R and I had the opportunity to play Mahjong with family. It has been two years since we last had the chance to play Mahjong during new year and being able to play two rounds was certainly great.

How was your Chinese New Year?
weekendreflection Weekend Reflection: Ushering in the Year of the Horse