Parenting with Less Stress


Parenting isn’t an easy job. It doesn’t come with any manual which is given to you when your child is born. It is something that you figure out as you go along once you become a parent.  It is a lot of trial and error as the child grows up. It can be very trying for both the child and parent to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other.

It can be extremely stressful too if one is unable to manage the problems that parenting brings.   Your blood pressure shoots sky high and everything seems suddenly out of control once your child starts misbehaving or having a meltdown especially in public.

There is no perfect solution, no textbook solution to all the trials and tribulations that will be hurled your way in your journey as a parent.

My job as a parent started about 11 years ago when Monkey boy was born. All the books that I have read prior to his birth didn’t really help me that much. It could be said that there is a vast difference between theory and practical.

Being a new parent back then I was bombarded with  both  well meaning and ill given advice. It took me quite a while to figure out what worked and what didn’t work for my kids.

Even if a particular method worked well with kid #1 it is not guaranteed that it would work with #2 or #3. Each kid came with their own set of difficulties and challenges and  it can be really exhausting tackling them daily.

The kids during Christmas last year

The kids during Christmas last year

Children are bundles of joy to have. However at the same time they can be your  worst nightmare.  It is hard to really know what triggers them off at times and it can be really difficult to read their subtle cues. They can turn from angels into devils within seconds and back again.

It can really nerve wrecking dealing with toddlers or pre-schoolers who themselves do not know what they want. It doesn’t get any easier as they get older. They get more demanding and argumentative.  Back talking starts and you need to have nerves of steel and also be a pro debater to be able to out talk them.

Join me as I start on this series on how it is possible to parent with less stress and share with you the struggles that I had, and am still having as a parent of three.


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