Blooms at Hong Kong Wetland Park

Light purple bloom
Light purple bloom

Last week I brought the kids to the Hong Kong Wetland Park. Β It was a great opportunity for them to get close to nature as we live in a metropolitan city full of high rise buildings.

It was the 2nd time that they have visited the park. The last time we visited the park was 3 years ago when Tiger girl was in Hong Kong for her 1st birthday celebration.

A water lily
A water lily

There has been quite a bit of changes in the park since our last visit. There was significantly lesser insects around and we couldn’t spot any birds. I guess that the summer heat of 33 degrees Celsius was keeping the animals away in hiding.

A dark purplish bloom
A dark purplish bloom

It wasn’t easy to zoom in an take photographs as my trusty DSLR was on holiday with R in N Z. I had to make do with his Sony Cybershot with it’s limited zoom range.

A white bloom
A white bloom

I had to literally place the camera at the flower to get a good close up of it. Β We didn’t stay long at the park as it was getting extremely hot by midday and the kids and I decided to call it a day and head back to some air-con comfort.

Have you been to Β the park lately?


Hong Kong Wetland Park

Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories Hong Kong

Open from 9am-5pm

Tel (852) 31522666
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22 thoughts on “Blooms at Hong Kong Wetland Park”

  1. Lovely flowers and great shots they have such a sharpness and the colors are so vibrant. They are very well taken.
    Have a super lovely day!

  2. We always go to the park lately as much as we can as the sun is coming out more. And we will go to more park in the summer! Cant wait! I miss Hong Kong. One of my fave country! #WW

  3. The flowers are beautiful. No, I haven’t been to the park yet. I like to go over there to read. Looking forward to going this week or next week.

  4. The flowers are beautiful. It’s been awhile since I been to the park with my kids. I think its about time to stroll around and explore:)

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