Travelling Solo with Kids

Tiger Girl on the plane
Tiger Girl on the plane


Travelling with kids can be a really daunting task. You never know what to expect and there are too many unpredictable factors involved.

Normally we travel together as a family however this time  R had some changes to his work schedule and was unable to travel together with us. We had to fly  in to Hong Kong first and he would meet up with us a few day later.

It was the first time travelling solo with the kids and I was quite apprehensive at first as there was certainly a lot of things to take note together with an increase in technical  difficulties involved with travelling with both boys and girls.

Even though the kids are frequent travelers travelling  without their dad means that I have  one less pair of helping hands and supervising eyes.  I have to make sure that everything that we were travelling with remains intact and none of the kids go missing during transit.

The boys playing a board game inflight
The boys playing a board game in-flight

To help myself have a relatively stress-free flight I briefed the kids on what is expected of them and what we would be doing on the flight.

We  traveled on a budget airline  so there wasn’t any frills like video games or movies to watch in flight. The kids had the option to entertain themselves or sleep during  the whole 3.5 hr flight.  I deliberately chose a daytime flight  needed the boys to remain alert during the flight/trip so that there would be less hassle for me dealing with one sleepy toddler then  three sleepy and cranky kids.

Here are my  tips on how to travel and remain sane.

1.  Pack a variety of items for each kid in their own backpack.

The boys had their own carry on backpack which was equipped with magazines, games, crossword puzzles, sketch pad and an exercise book which was to be use as their journal.  I also packed  storybooks and activity books to occupy the girl.  The kids also had their own jackets, sunglasses , tissues, snacks and some loose change on them which they can take out and use at their own discretion.

2. Brief the kids on the travelling procedures.

As we were travelling to a very populated place I set some new ground rules for the kids.

Rule Number One – You are not to be more then 1/2 metre away from me at ALL TIMES.

It is very easy for the kids to get lost in a crowd so they have to be within arm reach so that I will be able to react fast enough if needed.

Rule Number Two- You are to take care of your own backpack and assigned suitcase.

Each boy was given a suitcase to pull along and take care of for the entire trip.  This left me hands free to carry the girl and sort out check-in procedures at the airport.

3. Making toilet stops mandatory.

Kids sometimes request to go to the toilet at the oddest time.  Even though the boys are old enough to go to the toilet on the own it is still unsafe to allow them to go to the toilet unsupervised. I make them go together and wait  outside the male toilet.  If the girl and I need to go to the toilet they are to park themselves outside female toilet and wait for us. The boys know if there were to be anyone trying to be funny with them or harm them they are to rush into the ladies  and to get my attention. 

Have you experience travelling solo with your kids ?


8 thoughts on “Travelling Solo with Kids”

  1. Power! Definitely not easy to handle 3 on your own and it’s definitely important to brief the kids and ensure they know what to do in an emergency.

  2. Great tips! I’ve only traveled solo with my two older kids before. They were only 3 and 2 years old at that time. It was very, very hard because we missed our flight and had to wait practically the whole day before we could get in to another one. I’ll be more prepared next time.

  3. I think briefing kids on traveling procedures is so important. Explaining what is about to happen and what is expected helps kids prepare for the situation and can lead to a much more enjoyable experience. Thanks for these helpful tips!

  4. One has to be truly creative when traveling with kids! You have to keep them busy while immobile and this could be tough for them.

  5. Wow! You’re Super Mom – there’s no way I’d fly with my two and no extra pairs of hands. Your tips are really useful and I’ll be looking at this post again when I fly with my toddlers in November – even though I’ll have 3 extra pairs of hands helping keep them in check!

  6. Great tips! I’ll surely keep these in mind for the next time I will travel with my son, which is not until next year. You’re a supermom!

  7. I’ve flown solo with my daughter several times, so I’ve learned a lot along the way. But I only have the one kid. My hat’s off to you for going solo with three. I like the idea of setting the ground rules in advance. Pinning to my “traveling with kids” board.

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