Nano Blocks Fever

Nano Rabbit
Nano Rabbit

The kids have been asking for Nano blocks to play with since they were introduced to it at K’s birthday party in March.   Similar to Lego but in much smaller scale  and certainly takes lesser space on the display cabinet in the house after it has been fixed up.

A few weeks back there was a sale at a major shopping center and I purchased the  rabbit, electric guitar and grand piano sets for the kids to try out.

The electric guitar
The electric guitar

All of them were eager to try fixing their new sets however the level of interest waned rather quickly when they found difficulties following the instructions and manipulating the small pieces.

Tiger girl gave up after she saw the instruction manual as it was beyond her ability to comprehend as a three year old. Instead she did the ultra smart thing- pestering me to fix it for her and hurrying me at it as she felt that taking 10 minutes to complete the figuring was an EXTREMELY long time.

The White Grand Piano
The White Grand Piano

Doggie boy fixed half his electric guitar before conveniently passing it over to me to complete the figuring for him citing that it was a bit too difficult to comprehend.

Monkey boy and his creation
Monkey boy and his creation

Only Monkey boy had the patience to complete his set from start to finish on his own. I guess that age does play a part in  understanding the complexity of the instructions and following it through.

Do you kids love Nano Blocks too?




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21 thoughts on “Nano Blocks Fever”

  1. We also have those small sets, but I’m not sure if ours are Nano Blocks. We have a Despicable Me minion and a Master Yoda. So quick and easy to complete. Perfect for my 8-year old.

    1. There are many many designs.. we just did a few more this week with the kids. – Places of interest, animals and different objects each set is min 100 pcs.

  2. The Nano is perfect for my little boy once he gets little older, Your son did a great job completing the whole thing, It looks really nice..:)

  3. How innovative the makers of Nano block are! And it’s nice to keep your boy busy and his mind active while finishing this project 🙂

  4. I love the Piano! it looks perfect!
    We don’t have nano blocks. Only toy cars (lots of them!) for my son is a Lightning McQueen and Mater fanatic! 🙂

  5. Cute stuff! You have very talented boys! But this is the first time Iv heard of nano blocks, so supposed to be quite smaller than the lego? I would love to check this out when I go to Toy Kingdom 🙂

  6. We don’t have nano blocks but we have similar building blocks which my toddler son loves to play with. He always imagine things with it like planes or trains and he always ask his dad to build one for him. haha! 🙂

    Nano blocks look interesting

  7. Now’s the first time I hear about Nano blocks, those look really cute! My nephew loves his blocks, but I don’t think he can follow instructions for figures like that yet. He will also probably pass it on to us to make for him. hehe. But in a year or two maybe he’ll be ready 🙂

  8. First time I heard of Nano blocks…. but toys like this are really great for the minds of the kids… of course, age has something to do with them being successful in creating the end product!

  9. Smaller than Lego? Could be a bit more difficult to handle but I guess for small hands, no problem. Toys like this build creativity and patience. 🙂

  10. Those kinds of toys make kids creative. I have been seeing lots of block toys around for kids to tinker with. Good to see that not all toys are electronic.

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