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Highlights of March 2017

A photo of me- Dominique
A photo of me- Dominique

2017 has really been a whirlwind year for me. My studies with Kaplan in Leadership and People Management has started and it’s now a more delicate balance juggling all the different schedules.

It can be said that it has been a very fulfilling 3 months into this year. I’m pleased that I have managed all that I have planned to do till date.  The kids are also settling rather well into the schooling/ extra activities time table.

The kids and me
The kids and me

We are all striving hard to reach the goals and progressing along the way.

Looking at the Highlights of March 2016  the kids and I have  changed a lot since that however one thing remained constant.

We are constantly learning new things, especially for me. Last year at this time I was also taking a course and upgrading myself.  Increasing my knowledge is important as it helps to open up my mindset  and assists in my goal planning.

Tiger girl's and my matching bracelet
Tiger girl’s and my matching bracelet

It’s really nice having a little girl of my own. I’m able to indulge in mother and daughter matching apparel and jewelries.  I have always loved the uniqueness of a Pandora bracelet but it is extremely pricey and it doesn’t come in the sizing suitable for Tiger girl. I was extremely happy to be able to find this set online and the little girl loves it to bits!!

Tiger girl doing crafts at the school bazzar
Tiger girl doing crafts at the school bazzar

It’s really interesting that school’s nowadays have funfairs and bazaars to raise funds for the needy in the school. We supported the fund raising effort at Tiger girl’s school and she had fun going from station to station to try out the various activities that the teachers had prepared for the students.

Tiger girl posing for the camera
Tiger girl posing for the camera


How was your month of March ?

Finding A New Me- Results after 16 weeks


October 2016 was  really a month of surprises for me. Firstly let me share with you how wonderful it has been for me being on the Nutritional Cleansing Program that I started at the end of August.
I start the day feeling very energised and my fitness level has certainly improved. Exercising 3-4 times a week and improving my diet has certainly boosted my mental clarity. I find myself more productive each day as I get more things done then before.
I’m enjoying life much more as I find that even though I have more on my plate to handle this year I’m still able to find time to pursue my passions and do personal development on a daily basis.
I’m really happy that I am making progress in my weight loss goal and the stubborn body fat that I have been carrying around with me has finally started peeling off 🙂
Focusing on Fat Loss instead of Weight loss has brought about the results that I seek.
5 weeks on here are the changes that happened to me.
Weight from 70.4kg —-> 66.7kg (-3.7kg)
Body Fat – 38.4% —> 33.3% (-5.1%)
Metabolic Age – 55 —> 42 ( -13 years)
I was  11Kg from my desired weight now and have a healthy BMI. and I looked better in my clothes.


How I looked in October 2016
How I looked in October 2016
As you can see I have accumulated quite a spare Tyre from the 3 pregnancies I had.  I’m working hard to get a flatter tummy and remove all the unsightly love handles that I have. My aim is to get to looking good with a strong core and be my ideal weight of between 55-58kg.
Since October  I haven’t been that diligent on the program and have been slack since the school holidays. My weight has been stagnant
and the scales hasn’t moved due to holiday feasting that I have been indulging in.  Now that my schedule has settled down a bit as Chinese New Year is over I’m more focused on my health goals.
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me

I make it a point to exercise with the kids on the weekend and during weekdays I go for walks too if time permits.

I have been tweaking our family diet and will share more about what we have been eating lately in the next post.

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