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Hama Bead Crafting

Pinky Pie and My Melody
Pinky Pie and My Melody

The kids have picked up a new hobby this year~ Hama Bead Crafting. It has been the ” in thing” since 2014 and we are slowly catching on to the latest trends.

I’ ve been  pining a lot of pictures on my  Hama Pinterest Board and love the designs that I have been seeing.  The kids too have their favourites and have picked up a few designs to start creating.

Monkey boy  and Doggie boy creating their masterpieces
Monkey boy and Doggie boy creating their masterpieces

They were inspired by the tools that they saw in the game Minecraft and attempted to make their own version of the diamond sword and pick axe.

Monkey boy's Sword
Monkey boy’s Sword

Monkey boy chose a mixture of blues for the sword and gave red accents to represent a blazing sword.  He named it Fire  & Ice.

Doggie boy's Pick Axe
Doggie boy’s Pick Axe

Doggie boy create this Flaming Pick Axe above. The over sized Pick Axe was suppose to cause massive damage when used during a fight with the zombies.

Rainbow Dash ~ My Little Pony
Rainbow Dash ~ My Little Pony

Tiger girl has no interest in Minecraft and drew inspiration from her favourite show  My Little Pony instead.  Both of us worked on creating one of her favourite ponies – Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie and My Melody
Pinkie Pie and My Melody

Tiger girl had so much fun that she requested to create another pony. This time she decided on Pinkie Pie. I on the other hand tried my hand replicating a famous Sanrio character- My Melody.

My Melody Key Chain
My Melody Key Chain

I decided to make my creation into a key chain as a Valentine’s Day present for a girlfriend of mine who loves My Melody. I hope that she enjoys her little present from me.

Have you been creating anything

using Hama Beads?


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Waffles, Pancakes and Noodles

Hello Kitty Waffle with fruits, salad and egg
Hello Kitty Waffle with fruits, salad and egg

I love Sundays. The kids and I do not need to wake up at 6 am for school and we can sleep in to about 8 before getting ready for church.    It’s nice to be sit down at the dining table and have a leisurely breakfast with them.

I recently bought a Hello Kitty waffle pan after the Kenwood Multi-snacker died on us. I had that machine for three years and it suddenly decided to go to the electronics heaven above.

I’m so loving this new waffle pan of mine. The waffles come out crisp  and tasty and it is very easy to clean after use.

Pancakes with Strawberries
Pancakes with Strawberries

Besides waffles the kids also love eating pancakes.  Sometimes we eat the pancakes with ice-cream for breakfast. Who says that  ice-cream has to be paired with waffles only. :)


Ton Toro  Ramen from a Japanese Restaurant

Ton Toro Ramen from a Japanese Restaurant

This is one of my favourite dishes to order when we are eating out in a Japanese restaurant. I love the tasty soup stock and that the pork is really tender. This is one of the dishes that I hope to be able to make at home when I get the time. I guess that I need to find the recipe for good ramen stock first.

What have you been eating lately?

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