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Highlights of Jan 2017

My CNY outfit

My CNY outfit

Jan 2017 was certainly a month of mad scheduling for me and the kids.  It was hectic getting back into the school mode for the kids and waking up as early at 5.45am to get ready for the school day.

I had to restart my engine also as I enterd the new year.  The 6 week year end holidays that we had really turned my schedule upside down. We were spending a lot of time outside and deviated from the normal waking and sleeping hours.

It was a big shift in time table for me too as I adjust to the new earlier time table as Monkey boy now has to travel further to go to  his secondary school.  He now has to cope with 8 subjects instead of 4 and it ias a rather steep learning curve for him adjusting from Primary school to Secondary school.

Monkey boy receiving his award on stage

Monkey boy receiving his award on stage

The year started of with a blast for him as it was the 2nd time that he was presented at Edusave Scholarship by Mr Desmond Choo.   He was within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, and had demonstrated good conduct.

I’m really proud that he was able to remain with the top 10% of his level consistantly throughout his primary school years.

In January I reviewed the First Family Feeling Guide . It was a book that gives parents a better understanding on how to deal with the different feelings that a child may experience.  I found this book a good starter book to get the child to disscuss how he feels with the adult.   The child needs to be able to express himself properly to grow up to be a emotionally balanced adult.

January was also the month when I came out with 20 ideas to make it the BEST year ever.  What better time then to start creating ideas at the start of the year so one can follow through.

How was your month of January? 


20 Ideas to Make this the BEST year ever

It’s the 1st month of 2017 and the first month of the year is nearly almost over. It has certainly been a new start to me as I have already started implementing the changes which I stated in my resolutions.

It can be difficult thinking about what to do this year to make it a meaningful year for you. One may have to sit down and focus to be able to come up with something.

For those who are still thinking or muddling over what to do this year here are 20 ideas to make it the best year ever for you.

  1. Make a conscious effort to de-clutter your surroundings.
  2. Visit new places
  3. Make new friends
  4. Re-connect with old friends/ acquaintances
  5. Take up a course
  6. Learn a new language
  7. Re-commit to a exercise regime
  8. Sleep better
  9. Eat clean / healthy
  10. Focus on yourself before others
  11. Learn from the past and DON’T repeat it. 
  12. Remove the bad apples and keep the good apples in your life
  13. Stay away from unnecessary drama (from other people)
  14. Revamp your wardrobe
  15. Streamline your operations and optimize
  16. Spend more time  with family and love ones.
  17. Hug and Kiss more
  18. Create a Vision board
  19. Plan regular date nights
  20. Read more

How are you going to make it your
best year ever?