Ten Tip on Travelling Abroad with Kids

Tiger girl and me

My kids are rather season travelers. They have been traveling on Aeroplanes since they were nearly a year old. They love visiting new places and trying out the various cusines which are native to the country.  It can be cumbersome bringing kids abroad however with adequate preparation and careful planning it can be a fun experience for both the parents and kids.

Here are my tips on how to have an enjoyable holiday.

  1. Remember to pack all medications which you may need during the trip.  It maybe difficult to find a doctor in a foreign country so I always pack along fever, cough, cold, diarrhea and vomit medications just in case.
  2. Pack your child’s favourite toy/snacks/games to bring on board the aircraft. This would help to occupy them for part of the journey.
  3. Get your child’s input in the places which you like to visit. It would certainly be more interesting and entertaining for all if the place you choose is a joint input and everyone’s needs are considered.
  4. Book your accommodation and transportation in advance if possible. Sometimes you can get good deals if you book in advance and there will be less worries for you.
  5. Assign specific roles to your children so they know what to do when you are travelling.   I get my eldest to handle the luggage while  Doggie boy  is made to supervise Tiger girl  when I am busy.
  6. Decide on whether to use a carrier or a pram with younger children. I opt for the Ergo when we travel as I find that it is more use friendly especially when travelling with more then one child.  Strollers can also be rented at  theme parks or shopping malls so we can still have access to one if we really needed.
  7. Check in online if it is possible. This cuts the waiting time at the counters and really minimizes the need to deal with restless children who are waiting in line.
  8. Bring along your camera an/or camcorder to record your travels.  Monkey boy has his own camera so he will be bringing it along also to take photographs.
  9. Let your children have their own carry on bags. This makes them responsible for their own belongings and it will be easier for them to access their books/toys when they need it.
  10. Pack your clothes into two separate bags if you are travelling with more then one luggage bag.  In the case that one luggage bag goes missing in transit at least you have some clothes to tie you over till your purchase new ones.

What tips do you have to travelling with kids?

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