SOC: Spending the Holidays Together.

the boys This week we will be having all our meals together the whole week as we enjoy visiting the sights and sounds of  Seoul , South Korea.  The kids have more excuses to monkey around and have fun and I hope that I would be screaming too much at them if they get way out of line while out with them. We are on our first family holiday this year and it will certainly be a very fun experience for the boys. We will be bring them to two different theme parks- Lotte World and Everland.

I’m liking the internet connectivity here in Korea. Even the cabs have free wi-fi.  The hotel room we are staying in has it’s own small kitchenette, hob and even a washing machine.  Will be taking lots of photos next week and post then once we get back to Singapore.

What plans do you have for the coming week?