SOC: Surviving the Holidays

The week had really whizzed pass super fast. We are two out of six weeks down. I’ve been going out more often than I would like this week and eating out more often then I would like.The weight lost regime that I had been on seem to have flown out the window since the school holiday started. The good thing is that I haven’t been putting on any extra kilos. The bad thing is that the numbers have been stuck since July!!

I have been in a better mood this week and  even managed to get the Christmas shopping done out with the 3 kids. We  managed to get matching Teddy bear T-shirts  for the  girl and me and  Buzz Lighting T-shirts for the boys and their dad.

The kids have been having a blast going shopping and out on play dates while I too took the opportunity to meet up with ex-colleagues,  a  secondary school friend and other mummies.

It was not only fun and more fun as the boys did manage to get some academic work done in the morning as the meet up were scheduled for the afternoons.

Now if only Santa Claus would fulfil my wish of a new laptop and have 3 kilos magically disappear by 31st December it would be a perfect ending to 2011!!