SOC: Making Changes

I have been doing weekly and monthly plans  for the past couple of months to make myself more accountable to myself.  Not all that I have planned to do for the week/month actually gets carried out due to unforeseen circumstances or me running out of steam as the week progresses.  It’s like you are so on the ball on Monday but by Wednesday your drive seem to have fizzle off  and it is ultra hard to be disciplined and keep to schedule.

It can feel rather depressing at time when there are many things on the list which still remain unchecked off at the end of the week/month.  Your targets are not met and they have to be revised or expected target date ( especially for my weight lost target) have to be put back for a few months.

I’ve decided that now in November to start off again on a new slate and be more realistic in making changes. I’m going to start slow and stop being so hard on myself if the target is not reached by the targeted date. I believe if I constantly work hard towards my targeted goal I will reach there eventually ( within a reasonable allowance in time given).

Changes are something which have to happen and this week is the time to do it.

I’ve started with something that I have wanted to do for the longest time – Change this blog design. I’ve  have wanted to update the header and give the blog a makeover as I was getting tired of the old design.

Do you like the new layout and design?