SOC: Embracing Changes and Moving On

Old header


Last year I designed this header for the blog.Β  I added the mantra ” Living life to the fullest. Parenting and photographing”. This year I’ve redesigned the header yet again and changed the theme used. I have kept some of the elements but discarded those which I felt not that relevant. There are many facades to living life to the fullest and to only focus on parenting and photography didn’t give a clear picture of my passions which also included cooking and baking among others.

Looking back at the evolution of headers on the blogΒ  it wasn’t too long ago when my header only showed this.

old header


I feel that the headers show how I have have evolved as a person. I’m more tech savvy now and more clear about what I would like from my blog and life. As my status changed from a parent of one child to a parent of three children my focus and priorities have evolved over the years.

I’m now setting more long term goals for myself and the kids with short term markers along the way.Β  I’ve learned to let go of things and people who are not beneficial to myself and family and embrace the new people who come into our life.

GOD has been kind in helping me evolve as a person and my trust is fully in him.

How have you evolved as a person?


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  1. II love all of your banners. If I had a banner for each phase of my blog it would be evident that I had evolved as well.

  2. I like the new header and credit your techie abilities. I agree about letting go of things and peeps not beneficial to you and your family. And trusting in HIM!!!

  3. The new header is cool. I agree with your view. Your header must reflect all of your passion, choices & affection. And the new one is perfect for now I think.

  4. I just turned 30, an my view in life now changed. There are things that I continually rant and complaint during my twenties but looking back I realized that God has other plans for me.

    Now, I am more appreciative with simple little things and just go with the flow on what God want me to do with my life and my purpose to others

  5. awesome header po.. love it. the one your using now looks wonderful din po.. with your 3 kids in it.. looks pretty cute to me.. πŸ™‚

    best of luck and good health..:)

  6. love your talent sa pagawa nang banner..sana may talent din ako na ganyan saka i love your reflection thanks for sharing.

  7. i envy you because you can change your header, hehe! i don’t have the skills in doing it. like yannie, i learned to be more appreciative and grateful even with simple stuff.

  8. I love both your header. You are so talented.

    Growing sometimes means letting go of the excess baggage that don’t serve our brighter future. It’s all about positivity right?

  9. Change is always good, specially when it means growth, new things learned, and better things to come. I have learned to adapt to changes and I’m a better person for that. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m also planning to change my blog’s header, I’m just dreading the time that it will consume πŸ™‚ Most of us have evolved thru the years, and mommy bloggers like us have concrete proof of this because we have documented the milestones of each of our kids and shared them to the world through our blogs.

  11. I have recently decided to change my blog header too just a couple of weeks ago, after a year of so in blogging. I feel the need to change it, just like you I have evolved (although I am still not as tech-savvy as you πŸ™‚ ) You have nice blog headers.

  12. Buti na lang I’m not as techie as you are kundi baka maloka ang blog ko sa kakapalit ng header everyday! Lol πŸ™‚ true, a person is bound to evolve, siguro it comes with age πŸ™‚

  13. So true. Yung change sa banner, it really reflects who we are at the moment. Mine is very simple, coz I want a less cluttered life.

  14. ako rin minsan walang magawa sa kakachange lang ng header.. I can relate heheh πŸ™‚

  15. I love the look of your website! Every time I seen blogs or websites I like, I get an urge to change my blog theme or header. But since I’m not really good at it, it’s hard work for me. I don’t have the energy to do it right now.

    1. @Nica,
      It’s not too difficult to DIY a header..just need to be certain of what elements you would like to have for one. Can walk you through if needed.

  16. I love your new header. What software do you use for creating those beautiful graphics? Very inspiring!

    1. @Samantha,
      I used photobie to create it as can’t afford to purchase photoshop at the moment.

  17. I believe the changes in header style reflects your personality.
    We need to evolve as a person. Otherwise, life would be boring, don’t you think?

  18. i like all the headers. I don’t know how to create or make one but I hope I will learn in the future..:) As a person, I think I have evolve to become a better one:)

  19. Evolution is a generative process so everyone goes through that. I, myself, is happy that I was able to make it here… to wherever I am right now. There are many challenges in life and we have to continuously deal with them.

  20. Just like your header, we all have to change some of the things we used to do. We have to improve not just for ourselves but for people we care about and those who look up to us for love and guidance.

  21. Change sometimes involves doubt, anxiety, excitement and drive . These are just few as one ventures to the unknown. Mindset plays a big role on what to expect . If you are exited, eager and confident then the experience turned to be a positive one. On the contrary, if one’s expectations already focused on what would happen, then the adventure already had failed.

    We have the ability to make every adventure to be a positive one.

  22. I like your headers, its nice you can create your own. Like the header, we can create our own life, on how we want to live. Hope you will reach your goal as well as your children’s goals.

  23. You have great designs for headers! Artistic! Mine’s a bit old too and now I’m thinking of changing it too. I wish I could design as good as you πŸ™‚
    All the best!

  24. Oh my, I don’t know how to customize my headers! After four years I still don’t know. Do you have a tutorial? πŸ™‚

  25. Good thing you have the talent, ako i need to pay pa to have header and template eh! COngrats actually both nice.

  26. really nice, i’m so busy that i was not able to change header, before i used to change them every month, he he he

  27. Your blog headers are cute. And, you know, whatever makes you happy with your blog and everything in your life, go for it. Keep the positive harmony!

  28. Change is inevitable; some change for the better, sadly, some for the worse. Luckily for you, it’s for the better. And you’re right, changes should be embraced. πŸ™‚

    Btw, I’m visiting late for BC Bloggers. I hope you could drop by my page some time. πŸ™‚

  29. Blogging could really change us as a person for learning and discovering things that we might not if we’re not blogging. Sometimes we need to change (headers included) for the better.:)

  30. All your headers are so nice but I have to admit I like your latest one best. Change is constant especially as we gain more experience and knowledge. You are right on the letting go part……though sometimes its hard to let go of things that you once loved so dearly……. πŸ™

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