Luca Lashes and His First Trip to the Dentist

Lucas Lashes

Luca Lashes and His First Trip to the Dentist by Nicole  and Damir Fonovich is one of the books which is part of the Lucas Lashes series of books. Available in English, French, Italian and Spanish this book brings us through the fears kids have of the unexpected and how they can overcome it.

In this book Luca’s first trip to the dentist is documented. His fears about going to the dentist and also how he overcomes his fears at the dentist through drawing strength from his lashes by blinking twice.

My Thoughts on the book

Nicole and Damir’s book gives a step by step walk through on what happens during a dentist visit. I too love the handy suggestions to parents at the end of the book on how to prepare the child for the dentist visit. The book is easy to read and follow for younger readers with pictures and words on alternate pages. The only thing which I didn’t really like was the illustrations as I found that they were a tad too “mature” looking for a children’s storybook. I would prefer a more cartoon like pictures to go along with the story.

I recommend this book to parents who would like to prepare their child for their first visit to the dentist.


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