P52-{Mothers}, Friday memes

This week has really zoomed pass. There are STILL so many things yet to be done. Anyway since it’s Friday I’ve decided to take some time off with the boys and have a leisurely breakfast.  We decided to go to Mc Donalds at the airport for breakfast. The boys didn’t know that I had a secret agenda. I have been eying the Hello Kitty  Plushies that have just been released this week and wanted one for myself and the girl.


IMAG0301 P52 {Mothers}, Friday memesTiger girl and me after her bath.

IMAG0295 P52 {Mothers}, Friday memes

The latest Hambuglar Hello Kitty From Mc Donalds.

IMAG0297 P52 {Mothers}, Friday memes

The boys posing with the Hello Kitty.

IMAG0289 P52 {Mothers}, Friday memes

It felt great to take time off to enjoy breakfast with the kids. It would sure make a difference between remaining alert and happy sitting on the wall like this Humpty Dumpty who didn’t ended up as a scrambled egg like the rest of his other egg pals.

Have you spent time this week to have breakfast with your kids?

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16 thoughts on “P52-{Mothers}, Friday memes”

  1. Aw, what a blessing to start the day with the kids over breakfast. I remember those days when my kids were little and lived at home. I really miss that time! Savor every moment of it. Before you know it, in the blink of an eye, they’ll be grown up. Thank you for this post. I took a nice walk down memory lane!
    Erin Patrick recently posted…This Is The Air I BreatheMy Profile

    1. @Erin,
      yes they do grow up super fast. I do try to enjoy all my moments I have with the kids.

  2. Well that was fun. Breakfast at the airport. Our airport only has a canteen kind of thing. LOL! As a family we do have a sit down breakfast at home on either Saturday or Sunday. On the Saturdays my son has swimming lesson, we go to Chic-fila afterwards. It is a nice way to start the day (if you don’t have to cook) ;-)
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Fridays with Christopherisms…My Profile

    1. @Kenya,
      If you ever come down to Singapore I’m sure you will love eating at the airport. There is a huge selection of restaurants, coffee shops and food courts in the three terminals.

  3. My little one is only 2 right now. I have breakfast with him almost every morning. He’ll sit there with his cereal and I’ll have my coffee and we have breakfast and watch spongebob together.

  4. So sweet that you took the time to stop and enjoy breakfast with the kiddos. It seems so simple but is such a difficult thing to do most days. I’m so glad you shared your photos and blog with Happily Mother After this week!

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