Friendship Friday-{Vacation} and other Friday Memes

It has been a great vacation here in Seoul.  We have been here for a week and will be flying back tomorrow.

Here are some highlights of the first day we had in Seoul  starting with our first meal after touch down.

Korean fried rice

Fried rice on a hot plate. This is the first time I am seeing fried rice served this way. It was rather unusual as fried rice is normally served on a plate.

our hotel room

The room was really huge as we booked a residence instead of a typical hotel room. There was a queen, single and sofa bed for the five of us.

tiger girl in bed

You can guess who immediately made a beeline for the most comfortable bed in the room.

washing area

I love the fact that there is a washing machine within the room so that we can wash our own clothes and I don’t need to lug back a week of dirty clothes to wash over the weekend.I can also cook simple meals if the kids do not fancy Korean food. The kids are not that fussy eaters so I didn’t need to touch the stove.

I’ll be uploading more photos over the weekend of our trip. I can’t wait to share with you the fun we had during our time here in Korea.

How was your week?




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12 thoughts on “Friendship Friday-{Vacation} and other Friday Memes”

  1. The Fried rice does look yummy!! That is cool how they have washing machines in them!!

  2. That looks like the PERFECT vacation! I love that you ended up not having to use the stove, you were on vacation after all. 😉 And I love that Tiger Girl was smart and made a beeline for the most comfortable bed in the room. 🙂 Looking forward to reading and seeing more pics of your trip! 🙂

  3. Yummy looking fried rice in hot plate!

    Great facilities in the room. How much do you pay for the rental?

    1. @Shook, I found the hotel via Agoda website. It cost about $1800 for 2 rooms for 6 nights.

      1. Wow, S$150 per night per room. That’s a very good price! Is the hotel location convenient? I always look out for accomodation with kitchenette. Washing machine is a bonus!

  4. fried rice looks delish 🙂 perfect for breakfast 🙂 Dropping by from last weeks FTF

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